Monday, August 9, 2010

Time to travel

So here it day prior to travel and I am left wondering... hotel or hit the road at 2:00 am?
If you live in the foothills you get this, if not, just keep reading, you'll catch on.
With a minimum two hour drive to get to the nearest airport not including parking, shuttle and check in, its necessary to leave the beautiful Northern California foothills at approximately zero dark thirty to arrive at SFO for a 6:00 am flight.
What idiot booked a 6:00 am flight you ask?
Well, that would be me.
In an effort to get to an area that has some semblance of green I managed to not only book a 6:00 am flight, but one with a two hour layover in Dallas! Can you say "Yeehaw?"
Fortunatly for me I am now tethered. Yes, my i phone and my computer now have an intimate relationship. It works for me:)
To follow me on my journey to another land (Kentucky)and live vicariously through my adventure keep checking in.
As always...happy reading:)

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