Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hotel wins

Well, it was a pretty easy decision actually, cocktails at a nice hotel the evening prior to an early morning flight or attempt to go to bed early, wake up at 2 am and drive two and a half hours to SFO.

With that life altering decision made I went about cleaning. I am suffering some odd nesting complex, the kind a women feels right before delivery? Yeah, that one. I have vacumed, mopped, and dusted every non movable object in my home, and some moveable...have you ever vacummed your dog? So now I have a clean home that I am not going to be able to enjoy, my house guests will, but me? No.

Packing is always its own form of travel torture. What started as an entire wardrobe packed into a 50 pound bag has miraculously dwindled down to a 10 pound backpack. I'm that good. Hey, its vacation...I need my ticket, my ID and my swimsuit....right?

Happy reading:)

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