Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 5 – hmmm

This days blog will include some musings about Kentucky. Just a few things I noticed while out and about.

Interestingly enough I spotted a drive thru funeral home. Logistically how this is done I haven’t got a clue, nor was I willing to investigate further.

Happy cows come from California right? I might beg to differ. See this here state of Kentucky is the largest producer of fine bourbons…and their largest export is beef…just follow along I will get to the point in a minute. The main ingredients in bourbon are corn, rye, wheat and barley, but the most important is the iron free limestone water found in Kentucky. The ingredients, though essential, are also the residual by-product of the completed Bourbon. Now, guess what the distilleries do with the left over by-product? Why they feed it to their beef cattle. Now in my book, that would make for happy cows.

Have a craving for a perfectly chilled glass of wine of a Sunday in Kentucky? Too bad. No alcohol sales allowed on Sundays. My friend’s motto: be prepared.

Seeing as how the majority of the lakes abut cattle land, and the cattle know how to swim here, I have to admit, catfish has moved to the bottom of my list of items to eat when visiting.

A copperhead’s head is not always necessarily copper colored. Any form of brown will do. So when I see a snake here, I scream and run, no questions asked.

Based on the size of the squirrels ‘round these parts, I must say, it would take about two and a half to feed me. The conclusion I draw from this? I think these folks are pulling my leg, they don’t eat squirrel…maybe possum, but not squirrel. Either way, I don’t care if it tastes just like chicken, I’ll stick to salads thank you.

Happy reading:)

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