Friday, August 13, 2010

Day three - continued

After about a gallon of non-Starbucks coffee, I am vertical and mobile. My friend is taking me to lunch and on a tour of the countryside today. I can only hope no winding roads are involved.

Off to get some shots of Unca Dan’s swimmin’ cows up on Trottin’ Ridge. Then headed o’er to Possum Run to see a hillside covered in cudd su. See…I AM bilingual. I actually knew what I was saying.

Passing sign after sign advertising fried catfish, fried okra, fried chicken , and fried squirrel (just joking on the squirrel) I was pleasantly surprised when my friend pulled into the parking lot of a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. Whew…something I am somewhat familiar with. Ever heard a hibachi chef with a southern accent? Blame it on the residual moonshine pumping through my system, but I found it pretty darn cute.

So here I sit…on the top of a knoll…stuffed…awaiting a tornado. It’s not happening. At 94 degrees with 84% humidity this California girl only lasted 25 minutes waiting for said mysterious tornado. Saw some cool cloud formations though and heard the rumbling of thunder, but thankfully no twister. I can now safely check tornado chasing off my bucket list.

Oh did I mention the ac in the house I am staying is out? Yup. Not working. On the fritz. Kaput. Did I also mention its 94 flippin’ degrees out with 84% humidity? I know I did, I was simply repeating it for added impact. So this wonderful new avon moisturizer that I carefully repacked into a less than three ounce container so that I could carry it on the flight saving a luggage fee is now slowly sliding off of my face.

Added a new word to my Kentucky dictionary today.
Us- a tree
Kentucky- a worthless nut
Therefore it is an insult to be called a Buckeye. Whereas an Ohioan may disagree. ( They are, I believe, known as the buckeye state.)

Happy reading:)

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