Monday, August 16, 2010

Day six – itchy

I am figuring that I am a pretty tasty Californian, well at least for the critters in these parts. I have bug bites on top of bug bites. Luckily the shade of pink that the calamine lotion tints my skin is very much my color. Please say you heard the sarcasm there. I look like a lumpy pink marshmallow.

Did you know that if you catch a jar full of lightening bugs, you can actually have a small nightlight by your bed? Just gently catch a bug that has lit itself up in hopes of gaining a mate, carefully place it in one of the plentiful mason jars to be found in any home, and cover with foil. Don’t forget to put a couple of holes in the foil, not so big you have bugs flying about your room, and you will have a soft haze reminiscent of the sixties. Not that I remember…

My last day in Kentucky leaves me short on humor.
I will surely miss the kind people and the raw beauty of the land. I hope to visit again soon.

Happy reading:)

P.S. My travel blog is not over until my flight lands if SFO. One never knows what interesting things might happen between now and then.

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