Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Fan Page on Facebook

If following a blog is just too much trouble, or you want more of a scoop, check out my new fan page on Facebook.
Oh, and now that Hopefully and Faithfully have been combined and are off to be edited..I will be concentrating on murder. I know this what all of you are waiting for with baited breath.
Until next time...happy reading:)

Monday, January 25, 2010

The time has come

For those of you that already own the first printing of Hopefully and the sequel, Faithfully, you may just want to keep them in a special place. Of course everytime I attempt to save something in a 'special' place I manage to forget where I put it, but who knows, maybe you have a better memory than I, or better yet, a designated 'special' place. Hmmm, now why didn't I think of that?
On February 13, 2010 Hopefully and Faithfully will no longer be available for purchase.
For the last few months, along with formulating sinister thoughts for my new book, I have been combining the two light hearted romances. Adding chapters and tweeking the characters. The second edition Hopefully is approximately 80K words and most definately a feel good read.
Who knows, maybe someday I will be famous and those books you have been using to weight down the papers on your desk may be worth something.
Keep your fingers crossed and keep the good thoughts coming!
Happy reading:)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome to the Country humor column for 1-24-10

My January 24, 2010 humor column is available at

Life in the country is most certainly an adventure. Throw in a couple of kids, add some mud, a snake here or there, and humor becomes your best survival skill.

Happy reading:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainy day madness

I just couldn't help myself.. the dark clouds, the eerie scream of the wind whipping through the trees and my mind wanders to ...murder. Doesn't yours?
Have you ever asked you husband to help you with your job? Maybe a little research? A hand with heavy lifting?
I'm no different. But I tell you, my husband is becoming quite exasperated with the multiple attempts at moving 150 pounds of dead, no pun intended, weight to the other side of the room, to show drag patterns. As if thats not bad enough I have him researching decomposition for me, human decomposition. Yes, I am at it again. But I really didn't want to overload my brain with too much information, just enough to be dangerous, so I gave him the task. Hey at least its not blood spatter wait just a minute, hmmm, I think I can work that in!
I ask you, am I so different than any other spouse? Just a little supportive help, thats all:)
And besides, I never heard him complain when I was attempting to get a love scene just right for one of my romances. He had to try again, and again, and again...well you get the picture. Oh the suffering he went through in the name of literary research:)
As always,
Happy reading!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Humor is everywhere

Okay, so I couldn't "buckle down" to serious writing when I was bubbling with country type New Year's resolution humor. So here it is, my little New Year's contribution to the funny side of country life.

If you're from the country you'll get it..if you're from the city, it may leave you scratching your head.

I hope you enjoy.
As always....happy reading.


Monday, January 4, 2010

The Holidays are over...time to buckle down

Like most of us I use the holidays as an excuse to over indulge. But seeing as how I was recovering from a hysterectomy my over indulgence turned to ebay and my weakness for yarn. Word of warning don't shop on ebay while taking pain medication, one easily forgets how much junk one ordered!
On a high note, the holidays also got my mind reeling with more ideas for character background on Hopefully. The second edition will have chapters on Helen and Gertie's earlier lives, pre Hope and even pre 'Two Old Ladies with a lot of Yarn' yarn shop. There is also additional info about Philip and a little more heat between Hope and her accidental love.
This is turning out to be a fun re-creation.
Wishing you all a wonderful New Year full of love and laughter.
Charity Maness

Happy Reading!