Monday, January 4, 2010

The Holidays are over...time to buckle down

Like most of us I use the holidays as an excuse to over indulge. But seeing as how I was recovering from a hysterectomy my over indulgence turned to ebay and my weakness for yarn. Word of warning don't shop on ebay while taking pain medication, one easily forgets how much junk one ordered!
On a high note, the holidays also got my mind reeling with more ideas for character background on Hopefully. The second edition will have chapters on Helen and Gertie's earlier lives, pre Hope and even pre 'Two Old Ladies with a lot of Yarn' yarn shop. There is also additional info about Philip and a little more heat between Hope and her accidental love.
This is turning out to be a fun re-creation.
Wishing you all a wonderful New Year full of love and laughter.
Charity Maness

Happy Reading!

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