Saturday, June 23, 2012

Newly revised 'Welcome to the Country' to be released June 25, 2012 on

Welcome to the Country is a collection of humor columns written by humorist Charity Maness from '09 through '12.  Each column pokes fun at the country life as seen through the eyes of city girl transplant.

Welcome to the Country is a humorous look at life in the country, from cow pie bingo to rocky mountain oysters, to the random collection of tractors in our yards that we proudly refer to as yard art. Luckily for us, those  rusty old tractors, discarded comodes bursting with wildflowers, and windmills squeaking in the breeze, have put us country folk on the cutting edge of 'eco art'. Who would have guessed?

My first clue that I had moved to the country was a pageantry of bovine beauties parading across a four lane highway halting traffic for miles. As I stared in wonder at the 'fragrant' display  before me, my eyes  sadly drifted to the beautiful new Manolo heels adorning my feet, wondering just where in the country I would ever wear them. I soon learned they were useless for mucking stalls and tastier to a  country dog than an old rawhide bone.

Many more lessons followed on the heels - no pun intended - of my first introduction to the country life.

Not one to turn from an adventure I learned to embrace the country lifestyle wholeheartedly.  My first order of business... a shopping trip for new duds (aka  Wranglers and Ariats) country style haute couture here I come.

Author Charity Maness lives in the Northern California Foothills with her many children, animals, and husband of 25 years.

Welcome to the country is available on and kindle.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Such a rewarding process...

What a rewarding experience, to interview a Vietnam veteran and to put their words into a story...their story.

I didn't think it could get better, but you see, I can't just write their words without a lot of research. When they tell me a location or a date I need to locate that section and research the conflicts of that time, the manpower on the ground, the artillary usage, etc. All of this research helps the reader understand what the veteran is they all tend to say, "If you weren't there, you don't know." So with research I hope to at least supply some background for a better understanding of the stories. So when I submit my final draft for approval to the veteran I have interviewed and they are not only amazed at how well I captured their words but also the detailed historical documentation that supports their stories I am, to say the least, thrilled!

One vet told me that he was just trying to live to the next day, he wasn't aware of what was going on just miles from him or what had let up to the fight he became embroiled in. Nor did he even consider where the intel he was receiving had come from...just go forth and fight.