Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome to the Country

Welcome to the Country
So you’ve decided to move to the country where creativity is the name of the game.
The word ‘creative’ encompasses so many different aspects of our daily country lives that it’s hard to put it all in a nutshell. So to start with the basics:

There is creative writing. Most of us have managed to endure some form of creative writing in our lives, be it a high school portfolio autobiography or the general education requirement of creative writing. While this broadens our mind it doesn’t necessarily apply to today’s line of thinking.

Then there is creative as in knitting, sewing, welding, painting, artsy type creativity. Luckily for us in the foothills artists abound!
Add creative financing, like that of purchasing a car, a third with a credit card, a third with cash, and a third with beef cattle. Oh, and the ever creative apple pie for an auto tow. (Yes that did happen…thanks Mike.)

We can’t forget, though we would like to, around April 15th we all have a creative flair when it comes to finances, creating an elaborate web of profit and loss statements adding in home office expenses like DVR and surround sound, and we can’t forget to add all the vets visits and dog food for your security Chihuahua.

But again, that is not the creative street I’m heading down today.

Today I am going to touch on creative parking…country style.
Back when we were a pretty small county, just about 10 years ago, our government offices were not necessarily prepared for the speedy population growth. When I say government I really mean post offices. I’ve seen it in Copper, Arnold, and other areas, where it takes some seriously creative parking for us all to get our dualies properly wedged between the painted white lines evidently designed for a motorcycle. But we are resourceful here. Don’t ever underestimate the talent of those that drive quad cabs and 4x4’s when it comes to parking. Add in a cattle trailer, a boat, and the requisite tow hitch (aka the knee knocker) on almost every vehicle and the parking lot becomes an odd recreation of musical chairs for cars. Only, the one left when the music stops is blocked in for who knows how long.

But we adapt and conquer, and come back the next day to do it all over again.
Until next time…welcome to the country.

P.S. This particular Welcome to the Country was hatched from a story told to me by ‘Joe.’ If you have a similar story you think would be funny and interesting to tell, drop me a line and I may just, with a little “creative” literary freedom be able to turn it into a ‘Welcome to the Country.’ Please put ‘wttc idea’ in the subject line.