About the author

With motherhood being the best job I ever could have applied for (and conveniently not been
denied due to of lack of experience), writing takes a comfy second place. Without the
incredible differences in my children’s personalities and their own perspectives on life I don’t
believe I would be able to grasp so many different characters and their personalities.

After my oldest son joined the United States Marine Corps I felt a pull toward serving veterans. Enter the formation of a VFW in our small country town, the drive to form a Veterans Treatment Court in our county and the penning of a bi-weekly column in the local paper titled the 'veterans corner.' 

While still pursuing my writing through journalism with a small local press and staying active with veteran advocacy I found I was somewhat of a natural with the writing of Military History works. 

My first "It's Lonely Here in Hell" Love Letters from Nam, was based on love letters written by a soldier killed in action in Vietnam. I correlated each letter with what was happening on that day in Vietnam utilizing declassified CIA documents, Pentagon papers, LBJ's diaries and more. This journey brought me in touch with more veterans...veterans who needed to tell their stories, no longer to be silent. My new work 'In Their Words - Vietnam' is a collection of their stories, from their hearts, as they remember...in their words.

While I hope this lends you some insight into my journey with the written word, I must say, my journey has only just begun.

I currently lives in the foothills of Northern California.