Sunday, October 2, 2011

Receiving positive feedback for "It's Lonely Here in Hell" Love Letters from Nam

Jim's Pipers niece, who he never had the opportunity to meet  send me a very nice facebook message after reading "It's Lonley Here in Hell" Love Letters from Nam:

We received our copy of the book "It's Lonely Here in Hell" Love Letters from Nam. This book was written about my uncle Jim, and the love letters he sent home from Vietnam to his new, young bride, Micki (Michelle). I'm only 50 pages in so far and I am amazed. I never got to meet uncle so reading his handwritten letters helps me see the kind of man he was. I cannot thank the author, Charity L. M...aness enough for doing this for our family. She is an amazing person with a huge heart who would stop at nothing to make sure this book was the best it could be, full of history, pictures and memories. I cannot wait to finish the whole book and cherish it forever!
P.S. The book is available on if anyone is interested :)
Jim Piper's sister-in-law commented:
 just finished reading the book, still wiping away tears. WOW

And a heartfelt note from Jim's cousin:
You don't know me but I want to thank you very much for putting together such a wonderful book about my cousin Jim Piper's life in Viet Nam. I will cherish this book. I was very close to my cousin and felt so close again reading this book. I received it in the mail this afternoon and already finished it tonight. Thank you and Micki for putting it together..Billie


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