Monday, October 24, 2011

Booksigning at Micki & Larrys an AMAZING event!

Book sales reaching over 60 was not the highlight of the evening, it was the outpouring of love and support from family and friends.
Two of Jim's brothers, Tom and Dennis, with their wives and families attended along with cousins and lifelong friends.
A heartmelting event occurred early in the evening when Swanee and Abel, high school friends of Jim's and Vietnam veterans arrived surprising Micki and bringing her to joyful tears. Quietly speaking to Micki, Abel slowly pulled a torn dollar bill from his billfold and explained that when he and Jim had deployed to Vietnam, Jim in the Army, Abel in the Air Force, Jim had torn a dollar in half and said "when we get home we'll have a beer." 44 years later Abel still carried the torn bill....on October 23, 2011 he gifted the torn bill to Micki.
Micki said she will frame it and place on the wall at her business, Micki & Larry's Sports Pub, beneath Jim's rubbing from the Vietnam Wall in D.C.  a gift from Marine Vietnam Veteran Ric Ryan.

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