Saturday, October 15, 2011

Interesting observation

I found that when visiting a state within the 'bible belt' of the US...a title that has the word 'hell' in it is not readily accepted.

Reporters, book stores, and libraries alike so far have shied away from my book, all stating basically the same thought, the word is not acceptable.

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  1. Charity, thank you for sending your book so quickly. I just finished it with deep appreciation for your treatment of our Veterans with respect and dignity. As to the Bible Belt: That's what I love about my home state, our whole country needs to get back to the Bible. However, from my perspective, your book will do well here. My Dad, 92 year old WWII Veteran and retired Pastor, is anxious to read it. This military town in Southern Alabama supports our troops and, I believe, will be all over "It's Lonely Here in Hell". Thanks again and I'll see you back in Copper in January, Lanette