Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Welcome to the Country

I am finally compiling all of my Welcome to the Country humor columns into one great book. Welcome to the Country started as a monthly online humor column about life in the country. It quickly caught on and went to a weekly column soon after conception. If you live in the country you can nod your head and chuckle at all the escapades us country folk live through. However, if you live in the city and are thinking of moving to the country, you may just want to pick a copy of this one up, if for nothing else than reference.
Hopefully it will be ready in time for Christmas. A funny and great gift for a country friend or a city friend who wishes they were a country friend.

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  1. Hi Charity, You have become my new favorite author. I have been reading your snippets on Krafty Max's blog. You are a great influence in her life and it has made its way down to me. Marcie is a great influence in my life. Can't wait to read your book in full.

    Kris (MeMe)