Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Waking up early allowed my mind to wander. Unfortunately, it wandered through the twisted mind of a killer. No, not me. I am referring to a character in the new murder mystery book I am authoring titled "Til Death Do Us Part." It begins in the charred remains of a mansion's master bedroom in an affluent gated community located on the coast just South of SanFrancisco.... or does it? Just because the scene of the crime was in Half Moon Bay, California does not by any means mean the plot was hatched in that sleepy coastal town.
As the weeks and months go by I will drop more hints for you. Keep posted.
But in the mean time, you may want to try a little more upbeat reading.
All of my books are available at Amazon.com..check them out!
From Positive Test to Empty Nest, a humorous journey through motherhood.

Hopefully, a lightheated romance, following 40 year old Hope, an upbeat newly single mom navigating the workforce and crashing into love.

Coming this fall the sequel to Hopefully titled "Faithfully" a continuation of Hope's fun albeit crazy life with her kids, her love, and her best friend Mattie.

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