Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amazing words for "It's Lonely Here in Hell" Love Letters from Nam

I am so impressed with your treatment of this so very dear to me subject but over and above my feelings I applaud you for finally bringing the human aspect of an actual soldier to life and showing the world that there truly were real live members of our military that gave their lives, not in vain but to protect us at all cost. Jimmy was only 4 years younger than me when he first came into my life but I was a married woman at 19 and he was not yet driving. I remember how I so loved who he was at the moment I first met him and how special his relationship was with his family. I have such fond memories of swimming in the pool with the boys and playing games with them. Mostly I remember the special depth and spirit of this young man. He, as you know was always, from a very young age a very very special person. This family was so blessed to have had the Blessing of knowing him. My children grew up hearing of Jimmy and he has always been a special treasure to us. Thank you for this precious gift and your understanding of the need of your respecting Michelle's need to find a special tribute to this very special human being who put his life on the line and knew more at his age about love and commitment than most any other human being I have ever known.

Thank you and God Bless You!
Toni Rhodes Glover

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