Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Interviews

Each day brings new adventures and new learning experiences. With that said I am currently interviewing a Special Forces Vietnam Veteran for a chapter in my new book 'In Their Words - Vietnam' and am thrilled to be writing his story.

I love my job! I can only hope, upon the books completion, the words I have written will honor each and every veteran that I interviewed.

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  1. Charity I enjoyed reading your book and look forward to reading more of them in time to come. You did a great job on putting the book together.It made me cry but on the other hand it was amazing on the person that let you put this in a book to carry on his name.Maybe time to come other veterans wife or husbands will do the same to have the other half recognized on how they fought for our country and our children and grandchildren will be able to read those books.History is forgetting about the pearl harbor war and Vietnam war. I never want my children to forget about the history of either war as my family were in both wars. Can't wait to read more of your books. You are an amazing author . Arnold, Ca