Sunday, March 4, 2012

Interviews with Vietnam Veterans .... an incredible journey

Interviews with Vietnam Veterans for my new work "In Their Words - Vietnam" are coming along well. Actually better than that!

Most of the veterans I have had to honor and privilege of interviewing also have photos of their experiences while in Nam. These photos create a crystal clear image of the experiences and hardships these veterans encountered. Putting their words into a format that is comprehensive and gripping, though daunting, is without a doubt one of the most moving experiences in my life.

It is an honor.

This photo was reprinted with permission from the photographer. Reprinting in any form is not authorized without written permission from the author Charity Maness.

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  1. Charity: I am a Viet Nam vet who recently read a book published many years ago. One author interviewed about 20 military men and some nurses about hteir experience in Nam. Now, I can not find my copy. Not sure, but I believe it was titled "NAM.

    I am hoping that you ran across the book in your work. Some of the interviews were pretty "gritty." Can you help me either identify the author (a male), confirm the title, or even better, help locate another copy of the book.

    I was in an artillery unit, and my last 2 out of 14 months were in the 29th Civil Affairs Company.
    I was not in the infantry.
    If I can be of assistnce to you, just let me know.
    (I am in the Chicago area)