Friday, September 9, 2011

Perusing my site

Well, I just finished perusing my site and found it to be an adventure.

For those of you that have traveled about within the pages of this blog you will no doubt notice the variety of genres my writing encompasses. While some are wonderful romances of second chances at love, others are simply the musings of a city girl involuntarily turned country girl. But none has stretched my emotional fabric and mental strength as much as "It's Lonely Here in Hell" Love Letters form Nam.

As I unfolded each musty letter, some stained from jungle mud, Jim Piper quickly became my friend and my brother, and hauntingly the voice of my own son as he lived through the same experiences 44 years later in a different country, a different war, with parallels undeniable.

Jim's voice is the voice of so many young men that have gone before him and will fall long after his story is told, boys that became men serving our country, in the face of grave danger and unforgiving lands, boys that need to be remembered for not only their service, but for their irreplaceable existence in someones life.

I hope as this story is read and shared, people will begin to see each Veteran that proudly wears the Vietnam Veteran hat, pin, patch, or scars- seen and unseen- as someone's son, friend, brother, father, someone that fought when their country called upon them, someone that deserves our respect and honor.

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