Monday, October 4, 2010

Writing at the speed of light!

I wish!
So here I find myself writing for work ( I work for an awesome newspaper covering local events, news, and human interest stories), writing for school (yes back in college at 47 sigh, taking American Literature and Art History), and writing for the shear love of it!!
Thank goodness writing is a passion or I would most definately face burn out.
The only problem is the ideas in my head far exceed the amount of time I have to actually put my fingers to the keyboard. Though I don't necessarily wish for more time for I would fill it for sure, I would love to be more organized with the time I have.
Case in point:
I was sick this weekend, laying about on the couch like a bum. But do ya think I used that time to get all these characters and plots out of my head? Noooo, I watched tv! Ugh!
Oh well, I did learn how to make a better chili, at least I think so, I didn't write the recipe down and being as how my brain was a little fuzzy from the meds I'm thinking that my recollection of two tablespoons of cinnamon that the recipe called for may not be correct.
Check out for my books...they make GREAT Christmas gifts..hint, hint:)
As always,
Happy reading!

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