Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome to the Country 2-23-10

Welcome to the Country
So you’ve decided to move to the country where the advice of old timers is almost always the best advice you can get.
We have all heard the good old advice of ‘don’t squat with your spurs on’ and ‘if it rattles don’t investigate’ but here’s an old timer’s advice that really needs to be heeded in the foothills…if it itches don’t scratch it.
Now that may seem to be extremely simple advice to most of you and should go without saying but wait… I’ve added a bit of mommy advice to that one…
‘If you really must scratch remember to wash your hands before you use the restroom.’
I’m sure you have figured out where this particular story is headed, but for those of you that just love a good chuckle please continue with this quick read.
Hiking Table Top Mountain is pretty much every kid’s dream when they first move to Copper or the surrounding area. As parents we are usually able to dissuade our youngsters from this somewhat treacherous trek until they become teens or pre teens with manly hormones a pumpin’ through their little systems.
My oldest son home for leave, being the adventurous sort, snagged his citified high heeled girlfriend my other two sons, his sister in law and my daughter and headed off for a romantic Valentine’s Day trek to the top of table top. At this point in my life you can safely assume that I have lost an awful lot of my powers of persuasion over my two older boys towering over me at a whopping 6’2” and 6’3” so I gave in and let them go on this adventure convincing myself that at least they were not attempting this hike at the peak of rattlesnake season, which as we all know seems to be most any day that the sun shines, but I digress.
Off they went equipped with water bottles, first aid kits, and smiles. 3 hours later home they came, muddy, wet and exhausted. The next morning was when we discovered that poison oak is a plant that gives all year long because all hiking participants were sporting a plethora of bumpy red splotches on various parts of their bodies. My older sons had poison oak on their arms and neck, my daughter in law on her face and my youngest son just on one arm…until he scratched...and went potty. Not good. Not good at all.
The moral of the story is…if it itches…don’t scratch and go potty.
Until next time…welcome to the country.

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